the forecasting system
The WaveForUs system is depicted in the figure.
The mathematical models that compose the forecasting system and their related results are:
  • Meteorological model (Responsible partner LMC-AUTH):
    • total precipitation,
    • atmospheric pressure at sea level,
    • air temperature (2m),
    • relative and specific humidity,
    • wind fields (10m) and
    • heat and radiation fluxes
  • Wave model (Responsible partner LMEMW-AUTH):
    • wave height and direction
  • Coastal circulation model (Responsible partner LMEMW-AUTH):
    • meridional and zonal currents and
    • thermohaline properties
  • Storm surge model (Responsible partner LMEMW-AUTH):
    • Mean Sea Level Heights (MSLH)
Schematic representation of the forecasting system
The simulation results are stored locally and are made public in the following ways:
  • Television broadcasts (Responsible partner DION TV):
    • Two daily 5-minute wave and circulation forecast bulletins, where the scientific information is provided in a simplified manner, to be directly exploitable by the users. These broadcasts are also available through the webpage of DION TV, so as to continuously inform the public.
    • Non-scheduled risk warning broadcasts of coastal flooding in the event of significant (> 30cm) elevation of the MSLH
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) web applications (Responsible partner OMIKRON). The web-GIS platform consists of:
    • A metadata compilation and data upload tool
    • A central data repository
    • A metadata search and download facility
    • Documents and tools
  • Internet accessibility of digital maps (Responsible partner LMEMW-AUTH):
    • The forecasts are also available through this site (under the link 'forecasts') in the form of digital maps of the forecasting parameters (wave, current, thermohaline properties, MSLH) spatial distribution