1. Laboratory of Maritime Engineering and Maritime Works – A.U.Th. [LMEMW-AUTH]| Oceanography and Coastal Engineering group
Yannis N. Krestenitis - Professor of Coastal Mechanics & Oceanography, Project Scientific Responsible
Theofanis V. Karambas - Professor of Coastal Mechanics & Coastal Defence Projects
Yannis Androulidakis - Researcher, Dr. Oceanographer
Katerina Kombiadou - Researcher, Dr. Civil Engineer
Yiannis Kontos - Researcher, Dr. Civil Engineer
Charalambos Skoulikaris - Researcher, Dr. Civil Engineer
Christos Makris - Researcher, Dr. Civil Engineer
Vasilis Baltikas - Researcher, Civil Engineer, MSc
Andonios Mantzavelas - Researcher, Dr. Forester
Georgia Kalantzi - Researcher, Dr. Oceanographer
Athanasios Partozis - Researcher, Forester, MSc
Anna Argyroudi - Researcher, Biologist, MSc
Anastasios Malamis - Researcher, Forester
Apostolia Papadoudi - Researcher, Forester
Christina Stavraki - Journalist
Dimitra Papoutsi - Video-Audio Technician
Dimitris Filippidis - Graphics Development
Christos Chatzimidis - Video-Audio Technician
Ioannis Pytharoulis - Associate Professor of Synoptic Meteorology
Theodoros Karakostas - Professor of Meteorology and Climatology
Eleni Katragou - Lecturer of Physical Climatology and Climate Models
Dimitrios Mpampatzelis - Researcher, Dr. Meteorologist
Stylianos Kotsopoulos - Researcher, PhD Candidate - Agricultural Engineer
Ioannis Tegoulias - Researcher, PhD Candidate - Meteorologist
Georgios Oikonomidis - Dr. Biologist